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Bialogue is an activist/political social justice group working on issues of local, regional, national & international interest that effect the bisexual, non-monosexual, queer-identified and greater LGBTQ+ Community.
Bialogue: Social Justice Warriors and darn proud of it!
Our mission is to dispel myths and stereotypes, to address biphobia homophobia, transphobia and bisexual erasure, to educate the public on the facts and realities of bisexuality, non-monosexuals, queer-identified and all the other not 100% straight and not 100% gay/lesbian people who occupy the vast middle of the Kinsey scale's Bell Curve and to advocate for our Community's right to dignity, freedom to live without the burdens of prejudice and harassment and for our full equality under the law.

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   ○ 2012 Transcending Boundaries Conference October 26th-28th 2012 Springfield MA USA
   ○ 2013 Creating Change Conference (CC13) January 23-27 2013 Atlanta GA USA
   ○ BECAUSE 2013 2013 Minneapolis–Saint Paul MN USA
   ○ Bi Lines VI: A Celebration of Bisexual Writing in Reading Music & Culture June 2013 NYC USA
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      Bisexuality FAQ
      Bisexuality does not reinforce the gender binary
      Words, binary and biphobia, or: why “bi” is binary but “FTM” is not
      Being Bisexual Means That You’re Only Attracted to Two Genders
      The monosexual privilege checklist
      Why I identify as bisexual + differences and similarities
      Way Beyond the Binary

Bisexuals = people who people of Same Gender as themselves + ♥ people of Different Genders/Gender Presentations from themselves

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Openly bisexual New York State Assemblyman Micah Kellner has won re-election to a 4th Term.

When he was an infant, Kellner was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and underwent numerous operations and years of physical therapy. While earning his bachelor’s degree at New York University, he became politically active on behalf of the disabilities community.

As an openly bisexual man Kellner has continued to be a strong (and frequently witty) voice for LGBTQ & Bisexual rights. He is the recipient of the 2009 PFLAG Queens Brenda Howard Award which recognizes an individual or organization for their work on behalf of the Bisexual and greater LGBT Communities. In Albany he is a member of the LGBT Caucus and has worked on a variety of projects such as providing appropriate services for LGBTQ Seniors. In December 2011, Kellner married Marie Ternes, a former congressional aide and a partner in a public affairs and public relations firm.

Representing Roosevelt Island, Yorkville and part of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Kellner was first elected in 2007. In addition to being an eloquent spokesperson for both the LGBTQ and disabilities community, Kellner has pursued environmental and socially-conscious legislation, including affordable housing, mass transit, animal rights, marriage equality, and increased funding for New York City’s public schools.

He also is keenly interested in animal rights and is the sponsor in the New York State Assembly of A. 9449—A better known as Oreo’s Law, that would requires the release of a shelter animal to a rescue group upon request of the rescue group prior to euthanasia of the animal. The law is named in memory of Oreo, a dog who became well known after she survived abuse at the hands of her former owner, recovered from her injuries but was then euthanized by the ASPCA in New York City, despite the offer of a No Kill sanctuary to guarantee her lifetime care.

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