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Bialogue is an activist/political social justice group working on issues of local, regional, national & international interest that effect the bisexual, non-monosexual, queer-identified and greater LGBTQ+ Community.
Bialogue: Social Justice Warriors and darn proud of it!
Our mission is to dispel myths and stereotypes, to address biphobia homophobia, transphobia and bisexual erasure, to educate the public on the facts and realities of bisexuality, non-monosexuals, queer-identified and all the other not 100% straight and not 100% gay/lesbian people who occupy the vast middle of the Kinsey scale's Bell Curve and to advocate for our Community's right to dignity, freedom to live without the burdens of prejudice and harassment and for our full equality under the law.

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Bisexuals = people who people of Same Gender as themselves + ♥ people of Different Genders/Gender Presentations from themselves

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Things pansexuality is:

  • sexual attraction to cis-gendered men
  • sexual attraction to cis-gendered women
  • sexual attraction to people who do not identify with either gender wholly, or at all
  • sexual attraction to androgynous people
  • sexual attraction to transgender people
  • sexual attraction to gender queer people
  • sexual attraction to people who refuse to define themselves by gender at all

Things pansexuality can be:

  • bisexuality. the term bisexual only applies to people who find themselves sexually attracted to people of the male and female genders only means people who can ♥ people of same gender as themselves + can ♥ people of different genders/gender presentations from themselves

Things pansexuality is not:

  • an attraction to pans, pandas, panthers, pancakes, pancetta, pantyhose, pansies, or pandemics
  • a sexual attraction based on someone’s personality
  • the ability to love anyone regardless of gender, based on an emotional attraction. this is called panromantic. many pansexuals also consider themselves to be panromantic. similarly, many asexuals consider themselves to be panromantic. panromantic and pansexual are not interchangable.
  • No.  Bisexual people may be attracted to various different genders.

    “Attraction to transgender people”, as distinct from cis people, is fucked up.

    Yes^. Aaaand this is exactly why I refuse to identify as pansexual. Pansexuals often separate attraction to trans people from attraction to cis people. I am no different from a cis guy …why would I identify as something that very frequently separates me from who I am. Also it was hard enough admitting to myself I was bi…


    Also re the blatant third-gendering of trans people: it’s one of the reasons I so often have a problem with pansexual manifestos and won’t identify as pan even though I’ve been told (far too many times) that my potential interest in non-binary people means I’m “really” pansexual.  There’s often this icky atmosphere of “We’re better than bisexuals because we’ll even date trans people!”  Like, what, you think cis bisexuals don’t?  (And trans pansexuals and bisexuals, I guess, don’t even exist or something?)  *headdesk*

    What right do others think they have to tell us who we can and cannot love, or be attracted to? 

    Oh not again. *head desk* You know folks any identity you pretend to claim which is primarily concerned with putting other people down and showing off how cool you are is not one really worth having, ya know?

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